Mayor Frank Wilson

  • Mayor Frank Wilson, Bolton, North Carolina

    Frank A. Wilson has been elected to the position of Mayor of the Town of Bolton in Columbus County, North Carolina, since January 1994. He oversees the operation of the Town and service a population of 692 residents. As a member of The North Carolina Black Elected Officials from across the State, the Mayor provides a forum for information on public policy, serves as an advocate for positive legislative change, promotes education in municipal government, and supports officials in the administration of their affairs.

    As President of the Southeastern North Carolina Black Mayors, Mayor Wilson serves as a major collaborative effort and communication source for Mayors in the Southeastern North Carolina area who work to promote economic development. This group is aligned with the NC Conference of Black Mayors and keeps rural communities in their jurisdiction abreast of lessons learned.

    Mayor Wilson is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Conference of Black Mayors which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and represents more than 650 African American Mayors across the United States. As a Director, he serves the organization and provides technical and management assistance to enhance the executive managerial capacity of its members.

    Mayor Wilson serves diligently on the North Carolina League of Municipalities which is made up of 540 towns and cities and is nonpartisan. The League provides insurance, legal advice, a forum for the exchange of ideas among municipal officials, and other services and as well as information that helps municipal officials meet the needs of their citizens.

    The Mayor is a recognized leader for the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center which focuses on individuals with low to moderate incomes and communities with limited resources. The Center serves 85 rural counties in the State and develops, promotes and implements sound economic strategies to improve the quality of life for rural North Carolinians.

    Mayor Wilson is a member and major contributor to the Columbus County Intergovernmental Counsel which is a team of government officials throughout the County established to promote Columbus County and to enhance its economic development.

    Mayor Wilson is past President of the North Carolina Conference of Black Mayors, former Vice Chairman of North Carolina Black Elected Officials, former Chairman of the Columbus County Intergovernmental Counsel.

    The Mayor is a member of Walter’s Chapel A.M.E Zion Church where he is Chairman of the Trustee Board. He is President of the Bolton Youth Group and the Bolton Men Filling the Gaps Group. He is also a member of the Leadership Team of the BEST NC STEP cluster.

    Frank is married to the former Versa Robinson and the father of 3 children, Wanda, Adrian, and Stephen.


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